3 Things to Wear to a Music Festival

Festival season is just around the corner and it is never too early to start planning out those fun festival outfits.

This is a time when you can be creative and bold with your wardrobe stylings, and no one will think otherwise.

From lace to leopard print to linen and more, there are so many great styles to mix and match, but then there are the staples that every it girl is wearing to a music festival and we are going to talk about them here!

Start with these three items and build your fab festival look from there!

Here are 3 Things to Wear to a Music Festival:

Glitter Makeup

Is it really a music festival if all the girls aren’t wearing glitter makeup?

Just google “festival makeup” and you will see the trend!

These music festivals offer a reason to broaden our makeup horizons, to play with color and texture, and most importantly, to break out of our day-to-day beauty routine.

There are literally thousands of different ways you can be creative with your festival makeup, just remember to add some glitter so you can sparkle and shine!

MAC Cosmetics has some awesome glitter makeup options that you can find here at Nordstrom.com

Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is a closet staple for almost everyone so finding one shouldn’t be hard!

When at a music festival, it tends to be warm during the day and you can take your jacket off and tie it around your waist for a cool and relaxed vibe.

You can also drape it over your shoulders like featured in this picture above.

When the sun goes down and you continue to party throughout he night, it will come in handy in keeping you warm.

For some really hip and cool denim jackets, see this list by Style Within Reach.

Cool Boots

Every cool festival girl has a pair of cool ankle boots.

They go with dresses, cutoff shorts, jeans, and pretty much anything you are going to wear to a festival.

But fashion isn’t the only reason these cool chicks are wearing boots, it is to keep their feet clean!

While festivals are cool and fun, what no one talks about is how dirty they can be.

With thousands of people walking on the same ground for days, it can get muddy, dusty and just dirty.

Boots look sexy and chic, but they are also practical.

So make sure to grab a pair or two when you throw your festival looks together!

Shop some of our favorite festival boots via Revolve.com


Whatever you choose to wear to a music festival, make it unique, make it you, and make it fun and crazy!

This is your chance to express your fashion styles in a place where you won’t be judged.

Everything goes in terms of fashion, so bring your best and most wild side forward!


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