Facts about Music Festivals

Music Festivals are community events which are conducted to present a particular genre, nationality, locality and even gender. Most of the music festivals are associated with charitable causes while others are mainly held to showcase the talent of young and amateur musicians. The following are some of the interesting facts about music festivals.

Facts about Music Festivals

Vast crowd:

Most of the music festivals are filled with people, and you hardly have any space to stand in the festival. In America, a total of about 32 million people attend music festivals each year. The age group of these people fall between 18 and 34.

Music Festivals have been around for a long time:

Most of us think that music festivals are a new phenomenon and that it is gaining so much popularity in the recent days, but they have been around for a long time. People say that one of the earliest music festivals was the Pythian Games and it was held around 582 BC. The festival was believed to be held to please the Greek God, Apollo. There was another music festival that was conducted to celebrate the Franco-Prussian war. In the year 1938, Swing concerts were undertaken to bring out African-American music.

Woodstock festival:

In the year 1969, a music festival was conducted, and it had brilliant musicians like Santana, Jimi Hendrix, the Who etc. The Woodstock festival is often viewed as a representation of a counter-culture movement. The event lasted for about four days, and there were half a million people were at the festival. It is also known that no violence was ever reported in that gathering.

Bob Dylan got booed at a Folk music festival:

Bob Dylan, in the year 1965 happened to play at the Newport festival which was supposed to focus mainly on Folk music. He came out with his electric guitar, and the audience booed him for bringing a rock and roll sound into a Folk music festival.

Live Aid:

Live Aid music festival was conducted in two parts of the world, and it was mainly held to raise money for the Ethiopian famine. One of the concerts was held in London, and the other was held in Philadelphia. Both the concerts were held at the same time, and they were telecasted live on the television, and the feed would switch between the two shows.

Hologram with Tupac Shakur:

During a Coachella music festival, Dr Dre had performed alongside with a hologram of Tupac which was an optical illusion and people at the music festival went crazy over the performance.

Quiet music festival:

Music festivals always have a unique theme or a purpose. The music festival at Portland has quiet music. Rather than playing loud rock and heavy metal music, the event focuses on playing quiet and soft music which is soothing to the mind.



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