How to make Music Festivals more Fun

Most of the music festivals usually last for about 2 to 3 days. Thus you need to make sure that you have things planned to keep yourself entertained. The crowd can get crazy with excitement, and the weather might not be reliable, and you will need to know few hacks to handle and manage such situations:

How to make Music Festivals more Fun

Making friends:

Try to make friends with the people who are near you. When you get to know people, you start to build a sense of community, and you tend to look out for each other. If you run out of supplies or need something, you can get it from them.

Be mentally prepared to face the weather conditions:

Weather conditions are something which cannot be predicted. Thus you need to be prepared for anything. You can take an extra pair of boots which you can wear if it rains. Some nights can get quite chilly, and you need to make sure that you have proper clothing to keep you warm in the night.

Get a portable charger:

Your phone will definitely run out of battery, and you need to take portable chargers with which you can charge your phone. Having a dead phone can be frustrating thus you need to carry a battery which could power up your devices.

Go easy on alcohol:

You can booze and have fun, but you don’t want to be hung-over when your favourite music band is playing. Try to keep it light so that you will not fall sick.

Make your campsite to standout:

As the music event is usually going to be for about 2 to 3 days, you will have to set a camp to stay. There will be plenty of others in that place with various tents. You can have a little fun by decorating your tents so that it stands out.

Invest in a good quality tent:

You will want a tent which protects you from the hot sun in the afternoon and the cold winds in the nights. At the end of the day, you will need a proper place to sleep to be energetic the next day. You can take a blow up mattress or a sleeping pad as it will be more comfortable for you.

Sunscreens and sunglasses:

If you know that the music festival that you are attending is going to be in a sunny plane, then you must apply sunscreens on your body as you will have to stand under the sun for a long time. Having sunglasses can protect your eyes.

Keep yourself dehydrated:

Drinking enough water is quite essential. You might have to stand for a long time, and there are chances that your body might get dehydrated if you do not drink enough water.

Picking up trash:

You can consider picking up the trash from your campsite and keep it clean. When others see you, they will be motivated to clean their campsite too.

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